Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A season of new beginnings...

It's a lovely time of year with the flowers blooming and the trees getting greener, and the symbolism of new beginnings catches my attention as I have changes in my own life. It has been amazing to see God work and bless me out of the blue, but that is usually how He works in my life.

Recovering from back surgery was kind of rough for a couple of weeks, and not only with the pain. Something happens to your mind when you are down and out physically, especially when you are used to being active. As I found myself homebound for a time, I began to grow uncomfortable with the thought of getting out and being active again. I'm working through it, and I'm thankful that God reminds me that fear is NOT from Him and NOT in my vocabulary.

I also ended up on temporary disability from my job while out with my back problems, and that was just a strange feeling. First of all, leaving a job that I had only been a part of for a few months was an uncomfortable position to be in. Second, the term "disability" messes with your mind. At 41, almost 42, years old, I just don't like to think of myself as disabled in any way, even if it's temporary.

So, the toll the surgery took on me was mental more than physical I believe, but fortunately I am spiritually sound. God is so good to me, and as I said, He blesses me right out of the blue and makes me laugh.

As I was recovering from my back problems, I received a call from someone that I highly respect, my former employer. She asked me if I would like to return to work there. Holy cow. A chance to go back home. I had left my job last October to work in a job that would challenge me, provide insurance for my family, and pay more to help support my family. It was difficult at times, but I'm up for a challenge and won't back down. God knew I was pooped and missing time with my kids, and He just decided to show off in an amazing way. It was difficult to think of letting down the people I would be leaving, but it was peaceful knowing that God had provided this opportunity for me to return to a place that I love. Circumstances were strange, but the reality is that I suddenly found myself making yet another change. I would love for those that I'm leaving behind to know that I appreciate their graciousness, welcoming me into their family, and that this move has everything to do with what is best for my family once again.

My hubby has a new job too which requires him to travel for training right now. It's so cool to know how I worried about what I would do about the girls while I worked nights and how God already had it handled. He just went above and beyond what I could expect. Ken is doing well in training this week, scoring amazingly well on the tests he is taking each day. He's excited to be entering into a new area of business, and we know that it is another blessing from God.

If I think real hard, I may just be able to mention a few more new beginnings, but I think I will let this be it for now. I have to dedicate more thought and time to writing more often, because the therapeutic value is immeasurable. For now, I am focusing on rehabilitation, strengthening, and stepping back into life, and I'm praising God that I'm going back home.

P.S. I want to humbly give a shout out to my peeps, as they have helped me beyond anything anyone deserves. I pray that God blesses each of you 100 fold, because you guys are the greatest.

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