Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miracles still happen...

First of all, let me say hooray!!! It's a great feeling to be at work early enough to blog this morning before starting my day. Summertime really hit my blog hard, but I'm baaaaccckkk!

A miracle has occurred in my life, although I'm not comfortable sharing the details at this time. Suffice is to say that God has worked a change that I put into His hands long ago, and it's just the strangest feeling. I mean, I have faith, but at times I struggle like anyone does with whether God is working on my need when I think He is. (I guess that's a wavering faith.) Sometimes I'm just caught in a moment of weakness, and I think that my situation will just always be the same.

This theory has been dashed, as last week I saw some positive changes in my life that were hoped for but still caught me off guard. (Why do we ask God for blessings and then are surprised when He gives them right to us?) It's been funny too how I've had to adjust my life around these changes. A load has been lifted from my shoulders, and I have to learn how to walk as a lighter person. I have to understand that it's not my burden any more. I've been reminded that I have help. Instead of being a stronger woman, I have now become a weaker one with a stronger faith.

It's truly a miracle, and I knew that God was still in the miracle business. Biblically, the first recorded miracle was John 2:1 - 11 when Jesus turned the water into wine at the wedding feast. The last recorded miracle is maybe Luke 22:51 when he replaces the ear of one of the arresting officers that had come to take Him away. Some would argue more miracles recorded past that, just according to how you look at it I'm sure. My argument is that just because Jesus ascended into Heaven, the miracles didn't stop.

As far as physical miracles, I've seen many in my own family. My brother was healed of what the doctors were sure was cancer. My uncle, after weeks of hospitalization, was able to recover and continue to serve the Lord. My children are all alive and well, even though the last two were born two months prematurely and fought for their lives. I could go on and on if I really thought about it I'm sure, and those are just the physical healing miracles!

The latest miracle in my life isn't physical, even though I am now suddenly more determined to be physically fit. God works His spiritual miracles in lives all around us. Most times, it's the spiritual miracles that we don't see in other people, but they are the most profound miracles of all. Take it from me... God is still in the miracle business.

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