Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just count on this....

God's plan. Much like a roadmap, God has drawn out a plan for each of us. Twists and turns, small roads and wider ones, and bumps and potholes line the way. I used to think that God had one specific plan for me, and that if I missed it I was doomed. I have now prescribed to a new way of thought, and I believe it is much more accurate...

God indeed has a plan for you, and it's the very best plan that you could ever imagine. The tricky part is, you have to maneuver through roadblocks along the way. You see, God has created an intricate plan that leaves us choices along the way. It's much like when you are driving, and you come to a crossroad. You have to look left, look right, and decide which way is the best way for you to go. I used to think if I went the wrong way, I was doomed to strife and trouble forever. I thought that God had just one plan for me and if I blew it, it was all over. The fact is, I believe He gives us choices. It's kind of like a flow map. If you choose this, you get this. If you choose that, you get that. God is still with you either way. The key to all of it is that you follow Him on either road. If He opens a door for you to do something and you already have another opportunity on the table, as long as you consider what you believe is His best, He will bless your choice. In the Experiencing God study, I learned that you look for where God is working, and you join Him there. If you see Him working in more than one place and have the chance to join Him there, you choose one and do your very best in His name.

So as Jeremiah says, God has a plan for us, a hope and a future. It's not a straight one way road, however, and you will have to make choices. Just be sure when you make that choice, you give every ounce of what you have for His Glory.

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