Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally made it...

What a week we've had. I underestimated the toll a crazy week at school could take on me, as I found myself beyond exhausted. I actually came home Tuesday night after working until 6:45 and sat down for a cry. Even though I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, my tired body and mind just felt like I couldn't make it one more step.

I did, however, and it's all over now! No more work until August. Wow. I woke up with such a sense of calm Saturday morning. It's hard to explain the feeling of suddenly not have to jump up and run at 5:20 a.m. and not stop until 10 at night. I do love my job dearly, but I am so grateful for good ol' Summertime!

Our Jordan graduated from high school Friday night. It is just so hard to believe! Where in the world did that time go? Rain forced us to take the ceremony to Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium, and it was quite an experience. I stressed so much all week about the possibility, and the idea of tickets for that event cut out a lot of people that planned to come in support of Jordan. On the other hand, there were people that told Jordan they weren't coming that she had really counted on being there. It was a week of emotions that left me drained as a mom, as if work hadn't drained every ounce of anything I already had. By Friday, however, I felt a calm as we settled the ticket issue and I realized that it was coming and going whether I was mentally present or not. I was present, and I took in every second of it, and we are so proud that Jordan graduated with honors.

What I'm not proud of is the great, big redneck audience in that auditorium. There were police officers present in case of any unneeded outbursts, but the classless people there were obviously not intimidated. I was embarrassed to be a part of the Boiling Springs crowd, as people yelled out ridiculous things at people and proudly walked out in front of everyone without need for police escort. It left me wondering where in the world I was living if we can't even attend a formal event honoring our children without a bunch of idiots showing their rear ends. When we got in the car to leave, one of our girls said that we must live in the most redneck place in the world. Way to impress everyone, stupids. How about mustering up a little class before my next daughter graduates in 2014? Set an example, people, and not a bad one you bunch of bone-heads.

Now, I feel better. It's been a fabulous weekend, it really has. Thank you Lord for Summertime. And thank you Lord for giving my family and me enough class to not show ourselves in public.

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  1. This is why people think so poorly of South Carolina. Shame.