Thursday, October 28, 2010


Who has time to blog any more? Well, apparently, not me! This new job has been a piece of real work so far, but it's a really good piece of work!

I'm adusting to much longer work days and much more strenuous work. I mean, I kind of sit in a chair a lot of the day, but there is so much activity going on around me, it is crazy! I told my nurse manager yesterday that I spend most of my time at home trying to block out the noise around me, so it's hard to get used to having to hear everything that's going on around me!

My job consists of admitting patients via computer, entering orders in the computer, charging patients on the computer, transferring patients (yep, on the computer), answering the phone, faxing orders, opening the door for people (due to strict security policies which I'm very happy about), answering the phone again, and pretty much anything else someone needs done. Yep, it sounds like a lot, but that's because it is a lot! Who would have thought that there could be 17 babies born on one day at one hospital? Do these people not have hobbies? Holy cow!

I've learned to call that "job security". As long as people are popping out babies, I'm working at that desk. It's crazy exciting and sometimes just plain crazy. The doctors are so funny, and it's entertaining to experience their different personalities. The nurses are amazing, and it's fun to see their different personalities too. Man, that's a hard working bunch of people.

I have seen miracles happen each and every day. I mean, the birth of a child in itself is a miracle, but some are more miraculous than others. The rush of emotion I felt when I saw doctors running down the hall with a patient on a stretcher, knowing they were saving a life, was more than I ever could have imagined. These ladies and gentlemen are incredible. These guys are my heroes.

So, the new job is going well. I still miss my school peeps and all that went with them. I have adjusted to my new world, and I'm sure it will soon be my new comfort zone. Soon, I will start working my night shift, so that will be something very new to me. I'm anxious to get on a regular schedule to see how things are going to roll. All in all, I work for a great company. The people I work with are crazy dedicated and hard-working. My job is challenging and important, and that gives me such a sense of accomplishment. The twelve hour days are tough, but the four day weekends are worth it....

Now, excuse me while I take a nap. I'm pooped.

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