Friday, October 29, 2010


Darn you, Krispy Kreme! Who can resist the HOT AND NOW sign?

For anyone who isn't familiar with this, where in the world do you live? HOT AND NOW means the doughnuts are HOT, straight from the rack, and they are NOW ready to be eaten! I guess when I was younger, I wasn't familiar with this either, but I do remember making a midnight run to Charlotte with my newleywed husband to get a few doughnuts, just because we could. Now, I live much nearer to a Krispy Kreme, and I work even more near to it than I live.

So today, I was minding my own business, driving along up the highway, when there it was, screaming at me from a distance --- HOT AND NOW ---... NOOOO!!!! My blood sugar isn't so good these days, and I'm trying to be a good little girl, but who can resist a HOT AND NOW???

Apparently, not many people can resist them. I had a coupon in my purse, so I thought I should certainly not let it go to waste. I pulled in the parking lot to hit the drive through, and everyone and their brothers were there! How far away can one see that sign? Why does that sign induce a sense of euphoria in those that don't even care for sweets that much? It's almost like if the sign is on, you just can't pass it up. It's like seeing something on sale that you don't need right now, but that you may end up needing at some point in the future!

I'm proud to say I used my coupon, and I ended up with 2 dozen doughnuts. Don't you laugh at me. I only ate one. Thank the good Lord above that I can't, by only a few hundred yards probably, see that darn sign from my work place. If I happened to catch a glimpse of that red light in the corner of my eye, I would end up even heavier than I already am with some serious diabetic tendencies.

HOT AND NOW. The mere thought of it makes my mouth water. (And my blood sugar go up too by the way.) Don't you dare pass that sign if you see it on, but be sure to share with your friends. One of those suckers is enough to do ya' for a while.

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